The problems we are solving

  • Ore extracted from mines has to be treated in concentration plants to reach metal contents allowing industrial exploitation.
  • Due to the changing characteristics of the ore, regular microscopic characterization of the feed is needed to keep the plant optimized.
  • Potential benefit to customers can be huge: a 1% rise in Cu recovery will increase revenue of a typical plant by several million € per year.
  • Existing solutions require highly skilled personnel, and are either slow or very costly and impose stringent infrastructure requirements.

Our system automatically obtains microscopic characterization of ores by means of an optic microscope controlled by a computer with a program that captures the samples and another that analyzes them.


  • Higher performance for some types of ores, e.g. iron oxides.
  • Can operate 24/7 .
  • “Portable” robust characterization system.
  • More intuitive and easier learning and use, not requiring highly specialized personnel.
  • Directly on site.