Our solution

BrandBook AMCO
  • Performs Automated Microscopic Characterisation of polished sections of metal ores
  • Is based on a multispectral optical microscopy system composed of:
    • a research-grade fully-motorized reflected-light microscope incorporating some auxiliary elements (modified halogen illuminator, large filter wheel with bandpass filters, high-precision motorized XY scanning stage, video cameras, etc)
    • two proprietary software applications:
      • amcoCapture, which controls all the elements of the microscope in order to acquire multispectral images of specular reflectance spanning the VNIR range.
      • amcoAnalysis, which processes those images and performs the analyses that allow the characterization of the sample.
Modified fully-motorized reflected-light microscope
Proprietary software application: Manual analysis of a whole rock sample
Proprietary software application: Classified field report of a milled ore sample (the blue mask refers to resin)
  • Development stage:
    • TRL 8 (actual system qualified through test & demo)
  • Ready to market